A mandate must be completed, signed and returned together with necessary FICA documents by the Landlord. This is a formal written document which sets out exactly what has been agreed upon regarding the service to be undertaken on the Landlord's behalf, the extent of action to be taken by David Spearman Letting, and what fees will be paid for these services and the terms of payment



Rental must be paid on or before the first day of each and every month in advance, as failure to do so will incur additional costs and affect the creditworthiness of a Tenant negatively.

Utilities, including water, electricity, sewerage and refuse may be payable by the Tenant, over and above the rental.

The utility bill must be consolidated to include rates and electricity. Rates are payable by the Landlord and utilities by the Tenant.

Security deposits are to be held in an interest bearing account, with interest accrued payable to the Tenant, less damages if applicable.

The Conduct/House Rules of a building will determine the number of occupants permitted in the premises.
The general ruling is:

One bedroom Maximum 2 occupants
One and a half bedrooms Maximum 3 occupants
Two bedrooms Maximum 4 occupants
Two and a half bedrooms Maximum 4/5 occupants
Three bedrooms Maximum 6 occupants

A Tenant is responsible for maintaining a property in the same good condition it was found in, and failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the lease Agreement unless damages are rectified forthwith.
A Tenant may not drive nails, hooks or screws into the doors, walls, ceilings or floors, of the premises. No holes are to be made in any part of the rented property, air conditioners are to be serviced annually, carpets to be professionally steam cleaned on termination of the Lease Agreement or on request, paintwork and woodwork to be kept in good order. Tenants will be liable for all repairs to the walls and woodwork if damaged.

It is imperative that a joint inspection of the premises is carried out by both the Landlord and the Tenant prior to taking occupation of the premises.
This inspection report must include all defects found, signed by both parties, and photographic evidence attached to the schedule

Should the tenant vacate the premises prior to the termination of the lease, then he/she would be responsible for paying a reasonable pro rata cancellation fee which may not exceed a reasonable amount taking into account the following:


The amount which the Tenant is still  liable for up to the expiry of the lease


The value of the transaction up to cancellation


The duration of the Lease Agreement as initially agreed


Losses suffered by the Landlord as a result of the Tenant entering into the lease agreement


The length of notice of cancellation provided by the Tenant


The reasonable potential for the Landlord/Agent acting diligently to find an alternative Tenant between the time of receiving the cancellation notice and the time of the Cancelled lease


The general practice of the industry

h) The Tenant would also be held responsible for the rental for the unexpired period of the Lease Agreement, or until such time as a suitable replacement tenant is procured.




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